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Buildings and Contents Insurance

You need to consider two kinds of insurance for your home. Buildings insurance, which covers the structure of your property and any fixtures and fittings, and Contents insurance, which covers all the furniture, furnishings and personal possessions in your home. In fact, it covers the things you would take with you if you moved.
The sum insured for buildings insurance must be the full rebuilding cost of your property and the sum insured for contents insurance should represent the amount required to replace all your furnishings and possessions at current day prices. As well as covering you against a long list of 'risks' (including fires, subsidence, theft, flood and storm) both types of cover include an important 'liability' section. This can provide you with protection if you are sued by a third party alleging injury to themselves or damage to their property caused by you or some defect in your property.


For buildings and contents insurance and Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance we usually offer products from a selected panel of providers